This is an "All Time Classic" with out any doubt.

User Rating: 9.5 | Shining Force: Kamigami no Isan GEN
I have played this game over & over & over since getting the original mega drive version. This game has a simple but fun & tactical form, your “Shinning Force” has to travel across a vast world adding to its number and defeating all who stand against it. The ranges of weapons and magic make it extremely tactical. The story line will suck you in and you will really get into all the characters’ To be honest I wish they made this type of RPG strategy game today with the turn based combat. It could be improved with some extra difficulty settings ( like Shinning force II) but if you want to replay it and make it harder just set yourself a challenge like you can only revive one character per battle then see how easy it is.

If you like games like Final Fantasy, Zelda etc and you don’t mind the Retro graphics try this game out you will not be disappointed.