Still one of the best strategy titles ever.

User Rating: 9 | Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon GBA
Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon is a great strategy title for the GBA. It is still fun now even though the it's been over a decade since it was originally released on the Sega Genesis. And the improvements add to the experience which make this the best version of Shining Force there is. New characters, battles, and improved visuals have been added to the remake along with some more extras.

Even with the improved visuals Shining Force isn't a great looking even for a GBA game and the soundtrack is fairly forgettable but the game play makes up for it. The story isn't very deep and it revolves around your main character Max having amnesia, but at least he can speak up this time. A lot of enjoyment though comes from recruiting all the characters in the game. They don't all make much of an impact on the story but you can talk to them in the hideout to find out their back stories and get a better feel of their personality. Recruiting everyone can take some work as you need to talk to everyone as it is quite easy to miss out on gaining a new ally. Each of your allies are useful in different ways as there are plenty of classes. And they can all promote as they get stronger.

The game is divided up in chapters that consist of getting your party ready and going into battle. The game play isn't quite as deep as more recent strategy titles such as Fire Emblem but the battles are fun and they do make you think. If you're having trouble you can always escape from battle and keep your experience points and such. This you'll have to do a lot if you want to max your characters but otherwise you shouldn't have to do it to often. When your allies fall in battle they won't die forever but reviving them is costly so you still want to try to keep them all alive. Equipment can be expensive to come by so you'll want to hold on to all the money you can.

Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon is a very entertaining title, especially if you love strategy games. The game has an average length but you'll surely miss out on some stuff the first play though and there is a new game+ option so there is plenty of replayability to keep you going for a while. Now I just wish we'd see a remake of II and maybe a Shining Force IV one day.