This game is a great start for any RPG player. You have to appreciate the hard work and detail put in this game

User Rating: 10 | Shining Force II: Inishie no Fuuin GEN
This game is a great start for any RPG player. You have to appreciate the hard work and detail put in this game. The Unique characters in the game makes you really fall in love with all it's has to offer. Many of the characters have there own different types of spells and promotion classes. However, you do meet some characters through out the story that share the same qualities. For example, the wizard. There's many things to do as well, side quests to receive different weapons for certain characters. You can also gain certain items like the Mythril to make stronger weapons. It becomes very addicting trying to find all the Mythril so you can have all your weapons in the best of conditions. The type of battle system used in this game is turn-based. Kind of similar to some of the Final Fantasy series. For each character you have spaces you can move to. Kind of like chess pieces. Some characters can move in more spaces then others. You receive items at certain parts of the game that can help enhance your space moves. So, it can get really in depth and tactical deciding which people you would like to have more freedom to move then others. You get stronger as you defeat enemies and bosses through out the story. There's many characters to get in this game as well. And, you'll find your self playing this game a couple of times, just trying to get all of the characters in the game and seeing what they can do in battle. The story line begins with a King that gets taken over by a bad spirit that's been hiding away for centuries. It's get more interesting through out the game, making you become somewhat attached to it till the end.

I rate this game a 10. The creators weren't afraid to take chances and make a very unique style of play that now final fantasy tactics use. Not to mention this is one of the first and only RPG titles for Sega console. I highly recommend trying to find this game online. Since it's a very rare game to find it at a local hobby store. It's much easier going on Ebay or Amazon to buy. If your interested in getting a old school RPG, this is the #1 game. You'll love it from the beginning to the end!