The Best Sequel To A RPG EVER

User Rating: 10 | Shining Force II: Inishie no Fuuin GEN
You remember the first Shining Force and its glory so fantastic they made a sequel that people always remember and it is SHINING FORCE 2.

Shining force 2 is well know than the first one with of all new cast of enjoyment.

Now the story goes like this it was a dark and stormy night a master theif name SLADE is at the shrine of the Jewels and wend a twist of event he broke the seal that bring out a new shining force meanwille in the kings thron room of devel have just apper and attack the king leaving him in pain.

So the whole idea of the game is to save the princess ( that has been done 50 million times already) and stop the greater devel ZEON from taking over the world the gameplay and controls remain the same but now you can press a button just once to talk some one or to get some thing.

Other improvements are hand over the item for some one who has an empty spot, store a lot of items in your caravan later on, be able to counter attack,upgrade one of your characters to a diffrent class with the right item, and most imortant going back to places you already been.

But once again it has some problems first of them that people seem to use the first set of characters a lot and not try out other characters later in the game and even those are bad characters people just use them a lot.

and another thing I like the Mithril Weapons ther very powerful but some of the item you get early like the Mithril and the Dry Stone they wont help until way late in the game and on top of that the mithril weapons are random you never know what you going to get to get the weapons you need some times it take 5 mim's to 2 hours depends on the weapons you get.

one last things there not enought promote items in the game most of them are only one in the game but the Vigor Ball there only 2 and there only 2 unpromoted healers in the game that makes it even if they can do that why not do that to the rest of the unpromoted classes that suck a lot more than I can think.

even with the overused bad characters, random weapons, and lack of promote items the game is solid the graphics are nice, the music is rememberful, and theres a lot of places to explore and find and it is worth it I have seen a lot of Lets Plays of this game and most of them are good if you do a lets play of this game lets hope its great.

So in the end the game is like a juicey bit of stake if you like shining force play this game. if you hate shining force play this game. if you dont care about RPG game and you think there a waste of time just play this game and will see it will change your mind.