Shining Force 2 Is One Of The Best RPG's Ever Created.

User Rating: 10 | Shining Force II: Inishie no Fuuin GEN
OK! Shining Force 2 is a great RPG for the Sega Genesis i first played this game in the Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection, And b4 then i never even heard of it so i played it and loved it! :D. So at the beginning of the game you make your name and your default character is a blond kid he doesn't look to shabby. Now on to the walking around the walking around in this game is really awesome. The graphics for this game are really good for the 90's and SG standards. The battle scenes look really amazing. And how you battle in this game i didn't quite get it at first but what you have to do is you get to choose whether you want ur character to stay or move up and yeah it's awesome it's kinda like a strategy in way but an AWESOME one the music in this game Rocks! and SG games did not have really good music but this music just kicks so much ass. And u have 5 ppl in ur party in this game which is awesome.

Well SF2 for the SG is a great classic RPG game and it's allot better than it's predecessor in a whole lot of ways .

Shining Force 2 10/10

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