What can I say but WOW

User Rating: 9.5 | Shining Force II: Inishie no Fuuin GEN
I love the Shining Force Series and I went SEARCHING for this game for many months back in the say for this game and I was so happy to find this game. Shining Force 2 is the second version of the Shining Force series and the second game for the Genesis console. This series was the first RPG series I played which got me hooked to this genre.

The graphics are yet agian great for the console it was playing on and the story line seemed simular to the first one but still had some nice additions with characters and quests to finish the game. The music almost was the same but no worries because it is still a classic for the console. Genesis will always remind me of Shining Force and Shining Force 2 for years to come.

If you can get a hold of this game any time soon, I would play it and spend the time finding the characters and leveling up because this game will just rock you to death!