Sheer Brilliance

User Rating: 10 | Shining Force II: Inishie no Fuuin GEN
For a game that was released almost 13 years ago, this one could still be ranked as a top 50 game of all time.
Every thing was well thought out, the plethora of characters, the graphics, the difficulty, some side quests, the music and especially the story. as the characters grow up so do there animations, when they would acquire a new weapon the graphic for it would change, the music flowed well with the pace of the game, This game its a true work of art.
The main villain in the game, Zeon, seemed to be under appreciated for his evilness
Then there is your main character, Bowie, while naive and youthful in the beginning, he becomes an awesome hero in the end

The story was truly great it entailed, sorrow, heartbreak, irony, and happiness, all of which never seemed out of place.

while the series has faded away Shining Force 2 hasn't been tainted by it, this one will still be remembered for years to come