Greatest tactical Rpg and game of all time!

User Rating: 8.2 | Shining Force II: Inishie no Fuuin GEN
This is a tactic based game from the genesis system it has an excellent story and a great addictive gameplay. The graphics r horrible but thats because it was 4 sega Genesis it also has many charathers and many secrets and unlike most tactic games where u dont get 2 control ur charthers movements such as ff tactics, in this game u get full control evreywhere the world map a town rivers...evreywhere...if u even liked ff tactics or any tactical rpg a but 4 that matter I strongly reccomend Shining Force 2! The story is about a great evil that was realeased in to the world and destroys ur old town u seek out 2 destroy the demon and r encountered by many hardships and adventures! although I dont own the game if u can find one buy it cause they arnt the esaiest games 2 find!