User Rating: 10 | Shining Force II: Inishie no Fuuin GEN
This game is a perfect addition to the series. They made a new story.. that is a continuation of Shining Force I. That being said the major similarity is that they tell the story about how the new Enemy came about by defeating the other 2. (Darksol and Dark Dragon) Beyond that there are all new characters, a brand new story, Better AI... Also 4 difficulty levels. On the lowest skill level its still an OK challenge and a good experience for new people to the game. On the Hardest level even your best fighters become 2 hit kills by the end of the game and it takes a lot of strategy and planning to win battles. The gameplay is very addictive to say the least. The graphics are a vast improvement over the original. Overall they took the 1st one fixed all the issues and gave it one hell of a kick.