It's fun, it's time consuming, and it drags on and on and on... and on.

User Rating: 8 | Persona 3 PS2
Generally, I found Persona 3 to be entertaining.
More specifically,

Interesting. The game is split up by the normal day, and the Dark Hour.
During the day, one's main focus is to level up Social Links by befriending various people around town. The higher one's charm, academics, and courage, the more Social Links there are available.
During the Dark Hour, however, is when the actual fighting takes place. The MC and his party members will run around Tartarus killing shadows with their Personas, and every few floors there will be a boss that must be defeated in order to move on.
What I liked about this system is that every thing you did during the day carried over to the Dark Hour events, what with new Personas unlocked, higher level Personas, and whatever else. It also gave the game sort of a realistic feel as to having to actually balance social life with Dark Hour shenanigans.
On the other hand, Tartarus is the most monotonous dungeon ever. Ever. Each level looks exactly the same save for a couple new enemies ever couple of floors.
Also, the whole thing was based on grinding which gets tiring when you simply want to move on with the actual plot.

As far as plots go, Persona 3 had a decently solid plot. Quite a few things about it felt rushed, though. Like with certain characters, I felt like the creators just pulled some of them out of their ass at the last minute, or if they had something in mind for them, they presented it crappily. I felt nothing for most of the characters because most of them were the cliche Japanese types, ex. the mature kid, the slightly older than everyone else therefore smarter person, the clown, the random robot with feelings... none of it hit a nerve for me. So, of course, once the extremely dragged out ending finally... ended... I felt disappointed that they didn't do more with it.
All in all, it only did an okay job of sucking me, the player, in.

The music was swell. It wasn't the best-thing-ever. But it was nice. Yep.

So I guess when it comes right down to it, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 was an interesting game that kept me entertained for a long time, but nothing about it was mind blowing.