What a game Persona 3 - the best on its own

User Rating: 10 | Persona 3 PS2
When you first saw Persona 3 it just like suicide because the weird way to call the persona is with shooting our head with pistol. Got it wrong or right everybody who play it for the first time will guess it is a suicide at the Intro.

Persona 3 had many feature like dating, increasing charisma-academic-courage , friendship, and recruiting persona (monster that will be your guardian)

In Persona 3 the fighting system is turn based and you just control yourself you can't use your ally in your party to attack but you can manage them to always attack or defense.

The dating system is the most popular (this is the most system people would like) and refreshing after long night fighting with monster.
There are 5 girls you can date ,but careful girl doesn't like to be cheated.

There are other tasks too at the daytime that will increase your ability to get the stronger persona.

This game can help you choose your best personality to date with the girl you most like and improve your persona power as you have chosen your own way.