is the best game ive ever played cuz its story is really involving the characters really good and the story is great.

User Rating: 10 | Persona 3 PS2
this is the best game i've ever played
the story begins when your character(you choose his name mine is damien)comes to that hostel where yukari, akihiko, and the other one
when a old man make him sign some weird book.
then at every full moon they fight most powerful shadows
good points
great gameplay
great dungeum exploration
great boss fights
making friends at the game is just awesome
unique so you will never find a game like these anywhere but in the persona series
various monster from shin megami tensei
various new monsters
great monster fusion
unique characters
various diverents characters each one with a diferent personallity
great grafics
terrific voice acting
perfect anime animations
the bad
dungeum exploroing after sometime kepps boring
grafics: 9.5
gameplay 10.0
voice acting 10.0
final overral