Amazing RPG and one of the first big steps for the Shin Megami Tensei series.

User Rating: 9 | Persona 3: Fes PS2
Persona 3 FES is basicly a re-release for thoes of us who missed out on the orginal release way back in 2007. Some extra content thrown in with a 2nd story to continue from the ending of the Regular Persona 3. But Persona 3 is an amazing RPG and one of the best for the Playstation 2. With so much content and many hours of gameplay RPG fans alike will be playing this game from time after time again. Now the story is that you've been sent to live on a High School campus for about a year. After a attack on the Campus from Shadow's known as The Dark Hour you then learn you are able to Control Spirts known as Persona. Then you join the group known as SEES and your adventure begins. Now Persona 3's gameplay can be broken up into two different catagories. Their's one mode where you go explore in a dungeon known as Tartarus. This is where you go to level up your main characters throughout the game and since your own a timed clock to fight the main bosses throughout the whole game it's best to go here once in awhile. However it's a shame that Tartarus never really changes. But this is just a minor flaw. The RPG combat is also really awesome. It's simple to use but it has alot of Satisfaction. However you can controll only one character which is a shame. But the A.I does well enough to battle. The Personas you collect have alot different attacks and can even affect the flow of a battle once in awhile. It is awesome to use and really fun to Collect and also create many different combinations in the Velvet Room. The 2nd main part of Gameplay is the Social Link system. This part is where you have to make friends with people and it comes as an awesome benefit as when you combinde Personas they get more Powerful and that leads to awesome things. The characters you encounter are pretty intresting as well. Your main Protagonist is silent but is able to make alot of decisions in dialouge. Other characters include Akihiko who is a High School Boxer and a pretty badass guy. Junpei who is a funny guy and a class clown. But gets slighty more devlopement throughout the whole game. Also their's Mitsuru the leader of SEES who is very smart but a very valuable asset. The characters you will really love and it will keep you hooked. It's also fun to explore the city Iwatodai. You can go to School,Vist the shops,Go to eat some stuff and Hang Out with Friends. It will be awesome to see what this game has to offer and it will keep alot of people busy. The music is also awesome with some catchy Jazz and Pop beats. It's very unique but awesome. Overall Persona 3 FES is an awesome RPG that I think anyone should pick up. While Tartarus never really changes and it sucks you can only controll one character. It's a game well worth picking up and adding to your own RPG collection. You will not regret it at all.