Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Debug-Mode (Japanese Vanilla Version only)

    While in a terminal, swap Nocturne for another PS2 game. Go out of the terminal and when the debug screen pops up, switch Notcurne back.

    Contributed by: Shadowsithe 

  2. First Person Perspective

    To access the nostalgic first person view, start the new game plus by beating the game and creating an end cycle save. During your new game on that save press select to change the perspective to a first person view, pressing select again changes the view to normal third person. The first person view does not work in areas with a fixed camera angle.

    Contributed by: hideto 

  3. Lower summoning costs

    Obtain 100% on your Demonic Compendium by recruiting, transforming, or fusing every demon that can join your party (184 total). Once you have reached 100%, talk to the man in the Cathedral of Shadows and he will cut the price to summon demons in half.
    NOTE:The lowered price effect carries over in a new game+ file.

    Contributed by: Anonymous 

  4. Make Brute Ongyo-ki battle easier

    Ongyo-ki can be a tough opponent with his Replicate illusion ability. To make the battle easier, fight him when the Kagutsuchi phase is at FULL. Now whenever he splits into four using Replicate, the real Ongyo-ki will have a shadow beneath his feet. Knowing exactly which image is the real one gives you a huge advantage in this fight .

    Contributed by: Anonymous 

  5. Reusable item: Spyglass

    This unique item is hidden in the Obelisk tower. At the 99F of the tower, instead of taking the stairs up like you're supposed to, take a detour and search for a lift in the area. Ride the lift down to a room containing a light puzzle. Solve the puzzle to lower the 4 diamond block obstructing a path. The path contains another lift. Ride the lift and it will take you to a room containing several cache cubes. One of these cubes contains the Spyglass, an infinite-use item that can show enemy information during battle. You can discard or sell the item (50000) but you will never get another one if you do so.

    Contributed by: Anonymous 

  6. Reusable item: Blessed Fan

    This unique item is hidden in White Temple 2F. The area is a maze full of warps. To get the item follow these steps (directions are based on the in-game compass): from the start move south, west door, north door, north door, west door, north door, then turn around and open the door you just came in from. After warping, turn around and the cache cube should be there. The Blessed Fan is an infinite-use item that can be used to cast an Expel spell that has a low chance of killing the enemy party. You can discard or sell the item (50000) but you will never get another one if you do so.

    Contributed by: Anonymous 

  7. Reusable item: Chakra Elixir

    This unique item is hidden in the Obelisk tower. Once the Tower of Kagutsuchi area becomes available, go to the Obelisk tower on the overworld map. Instead of taking the visible front entrance, move behind the tower on the map to reveal a hidden rear entrance. Enter and take the lift inside. This will lead you to an area with a chest containing the Chakra Elixir. This infinite-use item restores a moderate amount of MP to a single ally in battle. You can discard or sell the item (50000) but you will never get another one if you do so.

    Contributed by: Anonymous 

  8. Reusable item: Soul-Return

    This unique item is hidden in the Tower of Kagutsuchi. Search for a room on the 444F that contains red damage floors. This room holds invisible pits in the center. Use these pits to drop down to a room that is full of invisible pits. To navigate this room, make sure the camera is oriented so that your back faces the camera and use the in-game compass for directions. Follow these steps: Move 1 block E, 4/5 blocks N, 1 block W, 2 blocks N, 4 blocks E, 2 blocks S, 1 block E, 2 blocks S, 2 blocks W, 5 blocks S, 3 blocks W, 4 blocks S. Turn west and traverse the narrow corridor. You will fall in another pit and into a room with a warp. This warp will lead you to a chest containing the Soul-Return. This infinite-use item allows you to revive a dead ally with full HP. You can discard or sell the item (100000) but you will never get another one if you do so.

    Contributed by: Anonymous 

  9. Extra Press Turn icon

    Get high scores on all burial chamber battles located in the Labyrinth of Amala. There are ten burial chambers and 24 battles (tombstones) overall. You can check if you have a high score by examining the tombstones (the number will be in red font.) Once you have gotten all the high scores, visit burial chamber 1 on your next playthrough. An event will occur and you will be given an extra Press Turn icon. This essentially increases the number of actions you can perform each turn in battle.
    NOTE:Your scores carry over to a new game+ file. You can only get the extra icon in new game+ files, not in your very first playthrough.

    Contributed by: Anonymous 

  10. New Clothes

    Beat Shin Megami Tensei and when you start a New Game + you will be able to choose too different kinds of clothes

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat the game and start New Game + Hooded Jacket
    Beat the game and start New Game + Leather Jacket

    Contributed by: SpiralSage 

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