Having Trouble on AO's path (Saturaday)

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So I've breezed through this game up until the battle with Io and Daichi, I've found it much easier than Devil Survivor 1 but I seem to be stuck because of my lack of usable characters. I beat Hinako and Jungo and even Shiva, but my fate with both of them is only 3 so I cannot recruit them. My fate with Daichi is also 3 so I wont be able to recruit him either.

Anyways, I am able to beat Daichi and Io in my first set of turns using Evil Flow and Matchless, but it's the other enemies that end up destroying me. I have good demons and good stats, but I can only battle with MC and AO, which seems to be the problem. After this battle I will also only be able to recruit Io, Fumi, Makato, and Keita (with only Fumi and Keita being truly useful). But it seems I won't be able to make it through this path because I screwed up the fate system. I want to do AO's route, but it seems nearly impossible. Does anyone have any hints to beating Daichi and Io's battle with only MC and AO? Luckily I have an extra save right before I chose the path, but I would prefer to do AO's first...

Anyways here's my team:

MC LV 55:
St: 11
Ma: 40
Vi: 10
Ag: 10

Holy Dance
Mana Surge
Life Stream
Null Phys

w/ Dragon Python and Kishin Zouchouten

AO LV 55:
St: 16
Ma: 22
Vi: 15
Ag: 18

w/ Hero Jeanne d'Arc and Deity Osiris

uhhh :/

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I'd say take it slow, try using someone with Double Up.

They can be beaten, even with just those two on your first playthrough.

Worst case scenario, have AO go out on his own, and have your MC sit in a corner, recarming him whenever he dies.