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Yo, don't know if this has been put here but you can pre-order Devil Survivor 2 from Ghostlight.  If they reach 1800 orders it will get an actual release. So, it'd be cool if we could get some more support for them by spreading the word. 

The pre-order will include an A4 folded poster, a gold coloured Devil Survivor logo on the inlay and you can have your name included in the manual.  This is £24.99.

There is also a choice of a bundle which includes the Devil Survivor 2 pre-order bonuses as well as the game and Devil Survivor Overclocked on the 3DS. This is £49.98 but I don't think the bundle will be available in Germany. 

Thought I'd just put this here if there are some people who don't know and would like to support the series over here. ;) 

Spread the word people, spread the word. :cool:

 (also, is this kind of post against the forum rules?)