anyone have any suggestions for leveling up?

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I always level wrong in my rpgs and i could use a hand! :) 



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Just decide what kind of character you want your MC to be and level you stats accordingly. For example if you want to play a more tanky character just lever str and endurance or if you want to be more magic focused then level int and magic.

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There is little reason to choose to bump your magic stats up though; your main doesn't learn any magic skills. Nemissa on the other hand learn tons of useful magic so it is a great choice for her. To decide what you wanna up for your main; END and LUC are always useful, AGI at 23 or 24 is enough to outrun just about any enemy; STR is best if you mostly strike with swords but is not taken into account when calculating gun damage so if you'd rather play with guns you don't need any.