In this game, you get to BE Sherlock Holmes... and Watson also.

User Rating: 7.5 | Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper PC
This is the first title from the Sherlock Holmes I've played. I'm not much of an adventure fan, so I'm very selective in finding which game to play. And how lucky I am as this is 1 of the rare adventure games that I actually played till the very end, not abandon it half-way.
Simply brilliant. You get to be put in the very shoes of Sherlock Holmes and Watson with the novel-worthy story in the game. I've been immersed in the game every time I turned this game on. As the story is so well-crafted, I'll just be brief about it: Sherlock Holmes has to find a mass-murderer who has been killing woman brutally with knives, and because of the way he kills, someone named him Jack the Ripper. The rest of the story you must enjoy it by yourself.
The game offers you 2 camera mode: stationary-which is a common method- and 1st person-which is an uncommon method. For me, I find it easier to play in 1st person mode, maybe because I'm such a hardcore action fan. You can control both Sherlock and Watson, each at a time. The main element of adventure still remains the same: talk to people to give you clues and mission, find items or objects in the scene, and solve puzzle. There are some very easy puzzle, but at the same time there can be some very hard ones which takes you 30 minutes to solve.
But as this game is named Sherlock Holmes, there are some "detective" element to makes it distinct. You will carry out investigation by questioning people, finding clues, make deduction and investigate the crime of scene. The investigation process will takes place the moment you get the first clue to the very last moment of the game. It's a whole journey to find out the necessary clues to identify the criminal. On the way, there are many clues to collect, and many deductions to make. So the performance of your playing in the whole game will affect your final conclusion. But as the usual limits of detective style of game, the deduction is kind of wasteful. There are 3 choices, and you have to choose the one that is the correct deduction, so you can pick one until it's the right one. What makes the game worth playing is the element of detective you get in the gameplay style. And some of the deduction seriously require document-understanding and logical-thinking. So, it still has the needed attributes of puzzle-solving game.
The graphics is-of course-unimpressive. Let's just leave it as that. The one that got the balance is the voice-acting. Sherlock Holmes and Watson is voiced in the greatest way possible, each one expressed their own character just by their voice (that's how good they are). Sherlock Holmes is a calm and intelligent man, and Watson is full of passion, sometimes can be humor. The rest of the characters is well voiced too, all bearing British-accent which is necessary. However, that's all I can give credit for the technical achievement this game has. The game sometimes still lag when there's no obvious reason.