One of the best games in the genre

User Rating: 10 | Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper PC
Sherlock Holmes Vs Jack the Ripper is an epic win anyway you turn.It should be played by any adventure fan as well as people looking for an immersing story.

Let's start with the graphics, they resemble a lot to the previous games but are just enough altered to give it that modern look that most adventure games are lacking. You can really spot how hard the creators tried to make this game look amazing, despite the lack of motion capture. The voice acting is also top notch, especially that of the main protagonist, being one of the most captivating voices i have heard in years of video gaming. Overall top production values make this one rise above the other adventure games of this type who almost always feel rushed.

The gameplay and the puzzles pleasantly surprised me.The creators went all their way to create puzzles that will feel fresh and be really logical. You will not just toy with items in your inventory, no no to trace Jack you will have to logically deduct, recreate the horrible crimes, question witnesses, create the time board and more. The game follows Jack the Ripper's crimes very closely, i believe everyone will appreciate the authenticity.

Maybe it's just me but i really love this game and i think everyone should play it.