Loved the idea of it but shortly after you start playing the game, it is not long before you lose the will to live.

User Rating: 5.5 | Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper X360
Sherlock Holmes

'ELEMENTARY!' It is not. There is not a lot of these type of games in the market like this, you start to feel why after the first 10 to 15 minutes of game play.
All the titles that are even near this type of game are things like C.S.I. and, and 'em, I can't think of anything else.

The Game

Perhaps I am being to cruel? In the game a murder takes place in the lovely area of 'WHITECHAPEL' in London and then 'the game is afoot.'
First off you can change between 1st person view or 3rd person and although I personally am not a fan of 1st person games, I would recommend playing it in this way as in 3rd person mode, it is not long before you start to notice that you'll have missed something in the scenery. After a basic look around in the flat of Holmes and Watson, you venture down to the crime scene. This is the best parts of the game, there is not much else worth playing it for! Honestly!
The thing that i noticed in this game is the class system in London at its worst. On one hand you have the snobbery of Sherlock and Watson and the shear gutter-ness of the common man, this may sound like that is a good and realistic thing but I found it really to obvious and annoying. The game graphics is poor at best and I found that each scene was lacking something of detail and substance.
The good thing about the game is that you have to work out what the next step is constantly and there is a few puzzles in it that I found really challenging.
Another plus point of the game that I really liked was that all achievements were possible without having to go on line in order to gain them all.

Overall though the game is poor and a huge disappointment. It can prove to be challenging at times but not a major struggle to finish. It is not a game i would recommend but if you like this genre then it is unfortunately one of the best but that is down to lack of other games like it.