If you like challenging puzzles and the story of Jack the Ripper you should check this one out!

User Rating: 7.5 | Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper X360
First of all this is not a game for everyone. If you don't like reading a lot of text,solving challenging riddles and puzzles and you are fast to fall asleep during long cutscenes than this game isn't for you and I advise you to stop reading. If you do like challenging puzzles and a pretty accurate historic re-telling of the Jack The Ripper murdercase mixed with a Sherlock Holmes novel than you will love this.

In this game you play as either Sherlock Holmes or Dr. Watson. You can switch from a first person view to a more panoramic view like the first Resident Evil games. The game involves a lot of talking to people, reading books and other texts to solve puzzles which are often very challenging. Also there is investigating crimescenes and various other detective stuff.

The city of London during the late 19th century has really been brought to life in this game everywhere you go there are prostitutes, beggars, homeless kids, drunks, and many other kinds of people wandering through the city.
The graphics in this game are't the best in gaming history but they are certainly not bad. The various people you meet are pretty detailed and so are the environments. It does the trick of making you feel you really are in the late 19th century's London.

Music is only heard during certain scenes to make it more dramatic. The voice actors that did Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were great but most of the other voice actors were below standard in my opinion.

Gameplay consists out of investigating the murderscenes, which includes looking for clues and talking to a lot of people. The puzzles and other challenges in this game are very challenging and very varied. One moment you have to try and open a safe, the other moment you are trying to sneak into a building using various items. One advice, don't use a walkthrough cause it would definitely ruin the game experience.

PROS: Challenging puzzles, great story and atmosphere.
CONS: Inconsistent voice acting, not for everyone.

If you like a challenging puzzle game with a really great story I would recommend it especially now when it's in the bargain bin.