Gloomy streets and a madman on the loose.

User Rating: 9 | Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper PC
This game blends the truth and fiction. Jack the Ripper was the murderer in one of the most puzzling unsolved crimes in history. Sherlock Holmes is the most popular detective in fiction. This title brings the two characters into one setting, the London of the late 1800s, and challenges you to solve the chilling series of murders that struck fear into the city.

There are a few irritating things about the character controls. Holmes walks a little slowly, Watson follows behind at a little too much of a distance and for some reason tends to bump into things, and whenever you go to walk into a door, Holmes automatically re-positions himself and walks into the doorway *again*, even if you were already there. Sigh... Well, at least the game presents new twists at a fairly quick pace. The presentation of working-class London looks realistic, with cramped apartment buildings, dusty streets, gas lamps and so forth. Every person you meet has aspects to them which you must figure out. The conversations do take a long time, but there are also crime scene puzzles for the evidence buffs out there.

It's a challenge to unravel the many changes in the storyline. If you like to watch crime television shows, this trip back to the past will also spark your interest. A difficult game, but one that's worth the effort.