Anyone into adventure games should give this game a try, but expect something far from flawless.

User Rating: 7 | Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper PC
We're in London, year 1888. All the local newspapers are talking about the latest murder in Whitechapel district, as even if its obscure roads are well known for being far from safe, the homicide of the prostitute known as "Polly" crossed the border of humanity. This brutal murder, which even involves the mutilation of the already dead carcass, has grabbed attention of the famous great detective Sherlock Holmes and his trustworthy assistant -and friend- Dr. John Watson, who decide to dedicate their total selves to this case.

The game follows the tracks of the actual police investigation that had taken place over a hundred years ago, with, obviously, its fictional twists due to the appearance of Sherlock Holmes.

The story is interesting, smooth, but often entangles itself into matters that do not belong to the main plot, and look more like mere excuses to stretch the game a little further. These excuses are mostly those things you normally see in your typical RPG game. "A" says: "I'll give you the info, but first do me a favour and ask "B" to get me that item". Then you go to "B" and he'll send you to "C", and so on.

It is, nonetheless, a story sure to grab you until the inevitable end.

The gameplay doesn't add anything new to the genre, even tough it has a first-person feature that really improves moving between areas quickly, instead of the usual third-person perspective.The puzzles are very, very easy, compared to the rest of the series, and most of the time you'll know right away what you have to do. They are still interesting, though, and it's an absolute pleasure to follow Holmes quick deductions to their conclusions while you uncover the identity of the infamous "Jack the Ripper".

Graphics are somewhat decent, but they succeed at shrouding this game with the mystery it deserves, so it was not a letdown, in the end. When it comes to sounds, though, it is no longer the case.

In fact, the music tracks are scarce and the voice acting ranges from good to abysmal quality. Needless to say, the latter is of all the secondary characters and only Sherlock Holmes -and maybe Watson- get a proper voice acting. Not only almost all the secondary characters have low-quality actors, but also the recording was made in low quality, so the sounds you hear will be, to make it clearer for you, like those from a low-quality Youtube amateur video. Sherlock and Watson, instead, have a clear voice, and it's a breath of fresh air every single time there's a monologue. This was indeed disappointing.

So, in the end, nothing spectacular but surely worth the time. Do not expect any unique traits, just a moderately fun time for any adventure games lover.