A good game based on a movie!?!

User Rating: 5.3 | Shark Tale PS2
Games based on movies and TV shows have a long and bad history. There haven't been many perticularly good Simpsons games, and most of the Star Wars and Terminator games have been terrible. Until now, the best movie-based game was the Lion King for the SNES.

I'm happy to say that the trend has finally broken with Shark Tale.

The game is playable, with good responsive controlls, but it lacks one important thing: it doesn't follow the movie.

To play the game, you are given several missions. They all vary in quality and difficulty, but most are fairly easy. You might have to collect 20 things before they hit the ground or race your boss to the wash.

Each mission gives the game a nice veriety of gameplay elements, but none of them really fit the story. The bottom line is, play this game if you want racing, itm collection and Dance Dance Revolution all mixed in one game. Not if you want to recreate the movie.

The graphics are amazing. They are nearly identicle to the movie. Each house to bill board has been recreated prefectly. You can perticularly tell the similarities when you watch the in-game movies, clipped from real movie.

The sound is also pretty good. The are lots of voices done by the original cast, and some good background music. The only reason that it doesn't get a 10 is because there is only one song for each mission, and there aren't many different comments for each mission, so it can get pretty repetitive.

Shark tale is the best movie-game I've ever played. even though it doesn't have many similarities with the movie, it's simple missions make it a great kids game.