This Game is Just as Bad as the Movie its Based on

User Rating: 3.5 | DreamWorks Shark Tale GC
Truly this game is the most boring piece of crap game that i have ever seen. It is amazingly boring and the game has no substance. it was the worst movie that i have encountered and the game uselessly continues with the crap fest. a horribly movie cannot become a good game even good movies can never turn into good games, the only truly successful movie turned into a game is the lord of the rings games which are all fantastic.
i played this game for five minutes and instantly it was painfully boring. this is a boring game that provides nothing that could inspire me to want to play it or to inspire me to continue a game that i have started. i cannot stand this stupid game and it truly annoys me how much it truly stinks. why anyone would even try to make this horrible movie any thing more is absolutely retarded just like the game