Underated, Good story,Awesome battle system is what this game a must have!

User Rating: 8.5 | Shaman King: Power of Spirit PS2
It's very straightforward. it has Strategy elements such as putting which stats up and such. The main Strategy part of the game that it's easy to pick up and learn. you have 4 Allys actively on the field move one here wait until it's your turn if one of your allys meet the enemy you can either select to fight him your self in real time or jus let it randomize who wins. Sometimes you can have an ally to fight a double battle. It's fairly easy at times to pick which descion you either randomized when you have alot of characters to beat the clock or jus do it yourself if your foe has the upperhand. there's probably 14 Episodes each spanning between 30-1hr. 15 minutes you will find you self saying... "what that guys attack pattern is unpredictable",thats where your Spirit comes in to play. You can unleash your spirit or jus let him set this one out to keep your energy up. The story is good...not execellent at times it goes a bit of "...? ok?" the Enemy characters dont look like it came anywhere from the manga or anime. They looked like rushed Generic enemies.

Graphics Are top notched at most ^^,lighting is great. It's defiently in the best games ever list... too bad it's over shadowed by Gamespot and Others as a Anime Licensed game. If you see it at Gamestop or Ebgames defiently buy.