It's just a fun, challenging game

User Rating: 6 | Shadows of the Damned X360

The premise is pretty simple and one we have seen before: A demon hunter travels through hell to rescue the woman he loves. Along the way are a few mini-boss fights before taking on the head honcho. The dialogue is filled with sexual innuendo, which thankfully kind of dies out in the last 1/3 of the game because it definitely loses its humour early on. Yet what really helps make this game to that higher level is that Garcia is such a memorable character that you can't help rooting for along the way. I thought they did a good job making him stand out vs being just another cookie-cutter action hero.

The graphics are surprisingly pretty solid for a 360 game. I have had no issues with bugs and only the slightest bit of lag at times. However, I mostly attribute that to the environments being annoyingly repetitive, same goes for the enemy design. There isn't a lot of creativity there and that kind of disappoints me considering the game does take place in Hell. Shock us, throw something out there that stands out. I really don't feel that anything does here. I mean even the main boss kind of looks like a Nemesis knock off from Resident Evil so that kind of shows the lack of originality in this aspect of the game.

And speaking of the Resident Evil, The gameplay is actually very similar to it. The only differences being that there is no inventory or map. That doesn't stop the game from being fun to play but, once again, I kind of wished that there was a bit more originality to it. I am also disappointed with the level of difficulty of these boss fights. The bosses, especially the final 2, were not the slightest bit of a challenge and, at least IMO, were the easiest parts of the game. I think they could have done a better job at keeping the difficulty consistent throughout as I feel the main boss should be a challenge while others look like a cakewalk leading up to him.

Overall: 6/10
I mean I don't really get the high praise of it. I think it's a solid game worth checking out. I just feel like the obvious flaws plus the clear Resident Evil inspiration kind of zapped a bit of originality from it. It's certainly a game I think would vastly improve if given a sequel and should they make one, I'd definitely check it out.