One of the most underrated games of the last times

User Rating: 8 | Shadows of the Damned X360

It's very difficult to see people talking about Shadows of the Damned when I first played it, I was simply addicted, and I did not enjoy many games of this style of gameplay, which is a bit problematic, I had a little difficulty With the camera, the Bosses are very well made, and to kill them, it reminds a little Shadow of the Collossus, because they have weak points, where you have to hit this place to kill it, more obvious that is a lot of difference Game, it's just an observation, the story even being cliche, it made me curious about the outcome, the graphics are good for the season, the visual was very well done, it's very dark, the game has a good difficulty, I had a lot of difficulty in the last boss, and the main character has his charisma. Note 83