SOTD is a wonderful game with a lot of stuff different from others,yet it lacks something which i can't express!!!

User Rating: 8 | Shadows of the Damned PS3
SOTD has a lot of things different from other games,for example it has a Speaking Gun,that's actually an ex-demon,that can take shapes of different guns n torch also,which helps fight the darkness,,,but that's just the beginning,,,it has an Inferno that looks like a club,a Demon's Lord Castle that looks like a pie-factory,a heroine who is actually the Demon Lord's Mistress with different colored Iris,,,a kick-ass Protagonist Garcia Hotspur(G),,a handful of bad looking creatures,,weird Story Books,,and a few 2D levels,,,all combined to make a Superb game!!!!!!!!

Story-The plot is pretty old,the Demon Lord takes Demons Hunter's girl as a revenge for the latter's doings,,the Hero hunts him back and gets the girl back.It's only in the end that it is revealed that the girl was actually Demon Lord's Mistress stolen by G,with whom he fell in love,but leaving the climax,whole story sucks,,the only reason why i gave it an 8!!!!

Characters-Cool,,,G sounds like Mexican Dante,he doesn't care 4 anything except his girl Paula who's hot n sizzling(as she's wearing only lingerie for most part of the game)except for her eyes,,Johnson(G's gun and an ex-demon himself) is the best character though,he's so cool n has a perfect sense of humor,,,Fleming sucks though as does the 3 Grim Sisters!!!!

Environment-After playing tonnes of FPS,Modern Shooters,and other Action-Adventures,,playing in Hell was a change,,the environments were awesome and weird(bars n strip clubs in Inferno),,,Graphics were cool too,,,the 2D missions(3 in total) were also a good addition!!!!

Combat-3 guns:A revolver,a shotgun and a rifle,all arising from different forms of Johnson,who also takes up the form of a Torch when not aiming or during Melee,,the light shots were something new for me(never played b4) as was shooting the goats,hitting the dark hands,and burning crackers to get away darkness.Bosses were incredible,but pretty easy(as G cld have plenty of drinks-for health stocked in his inventory).Some Mini bosses were frustrating though-Hungry Paula and Shock Men or Hell Monkeys for example!!!

Overall the game was pretty good n i would love to play a sequel if someone makes it,cause the story is still incomplete!!!!!!