Finally a return to the sprawl plus so much more.

User Rating: 8.5 | Shadowrun Returns PC
So first thing I wanna say is yes the current campaign is kind of short, HOWEVER, I think alot of people think that this is only a game. Its not its also got a built in editor for creating your own campaign, this is basically a cyberpunk turn based version of Neverwinter Nights. To this very day people are still playing Neverwinter Nights because people are still making their own adventures so the campaigns are limitless.
Graphically the game is nothing special, its an isometric view like the old snes game but with more better resolution and more neon lights.
Sound is fantastic, love the music score fits the cyberpunk feel of the sprawl perfectly.
Gameplay, combat is very similar to X-Com enemy unknown, its turn based where you are allowed so many actions per turn, you can take cover behind objects to lower the percentage chance of an enemy hitting you as well as they can take cover as well to lower you chances. In conversations you get multiple choices on how to answer, this hasn't been utilized to its fullest yet hopefully some user created content will take better advantage of this opportunity.
Customization, there are many ways to customize you character not so much in how he/she looks (although there is some customization there) but more in how they play. When you first start out you choose a basic archetype like a street samurai or a decker, rigger, shaman etc, but from there once you start playing you place Karma points into skills you want to improve, so if you want to be a street samurai who can also toss fireballs you can, or if you want to be a rigger who is also a proficient computer hacker you can be.
Overall I am very happy with this game and am so excited to see what the gaming community will deliver for user created content, cause I believe that just like Neverwinter Nights the best stories won't come from the devs, but from the creative minds of the gamers themselves.