A great and nostalgic homage to a deep and vibrant fantasy world.

User Rating: 8 | Shadowrun Returns PC
This is an instant classic that will get replayed many times in my PC collection. Old school mechanics, tight game play, deep RPG elements and an interesting setting make for a great game. Add on to that mix a level editor with many solid options already available and you have the perfect mix of nostalgia and potential to provide you with hours of entertainment for your money. Add on the ridiculous low price and it becomes a winner.

What was the down side for me? There is no voice acting in the game. I can get over this fact but it does wind back the clock for me to the '80's. The writing is tight, and the main story line interesting. The plot is also straight out of the novels which makes the game very accessible for fans. But the lack of voice really hurts the game for me. I felt it made the story slow down and was less engaging. And as a person who reads a novel a week, it has nothing to do with reading. It was the simple lack of connection to many character.

It is important to note that this game was developed for less with funding through Kickstarter. The game literally is a swan song for fans of the Shadowrun RPG. As a fan, this is a great game. I also feel that the game engine and level creator are the real purchase and the main story simply a demo for the tools potential. If you don't know the RPG and have not been playing computer games for the last three decades your entertainment mileage may vary.