Nostalgia can not fix the boring and broken

User Rating: 4.5 | Shadowrun Returns PC
Shadowrun Returns is a low budget title and the developers were clearly hoping gamers wouldn't see its flaws through all their nostalgia. That is not the case. The game is just plain boring.

In all starts out well enough. In the early portion of the game, you'll be distracted by planning your character build and buying the latest equipment. This entertainment is limited. You'll likely settle on a build in the first two hours of playing and then continue to use the same weapons/armor/abilities for the rest of the game. It also doesn't help that your character model is so small. Its really difficult to become attached to your specific player character. Companion characters are also limited. There are some set story companions that you'll be forced to take with you on some mission. These characters might have a little back story and more detailed models. The rest, you'll just pick from a list. Essentially, you're deciding which two red shirts your Kirk and Spock are taking with them. Its not very engaging.

Another problem is with the set-piece battles. When planning for a mission, you have no idea how long it will be or if the game will heal you halfway through or if there will even be a use for a decker. There are far too many times where you'll just have to walk you characters into ambushes and traps just to figure out how the mission is supposed to progress. The battles are not very well designed and it seems like the developers intended to force players into replaying certain sections to make the game feel longer or more difficult. To me, it was just a frustration.

Shadowrun returns is not bad, but there is nothing really good about it either. It has some bugs, but those aren't the real problem. The game just feels extremely limited and dated. I'm sure it will evoke some nostalgia in a few players, but even with that, there are better games out there.