Shadowgrounds Cheats For PC

  1. Lots of cheats

    Enter these during gameplay and they will take effect immediately

    Effect Effect
    autoaim_horizontal = 1 Autoaim left/right
    auto_aim vertical = 1 Autoaim Up/Down
    no_camera_boundaries = 0 Camera is not stopped
    player+demo_invulnerability = 1 Demi-God mode. Take damage, but not killed
    show_fps = 1 Frame rate per second displayed
    show_polys = 1 Polygons Per Second Displayed
    show_enemy_tactical = 1 See where Enemies will move and attack
    debug_console_commands = 1 Show console commands

    Contributed by: Robbie Kennedy 

  2. Console cheats for full version and demo!

    In game hit "F8" for the console. Before any cheat is typed though you always have to type this first:

    externInclude developer:

    So if the cheat code was "God" it was be:

    externInclude developer:God

    Got it? And its Case sensitive too so make sure you get it right! Here are the cheats:

    Effect Effect
    closeallremotedoors Closes all the doors.
    disableAllAI Disables AI including enemies and doors.
    main Enalble debug menu and developer keys
    fullhealth Full health.
    givestuff Get all weapons!
    giveallkeys Gives you all keys.
    hideGUI Hides your HUD!
    stuffed Invincible, Full Health, lots of ammo, 9999 Flashlight, 50 Upgrade Parts and all wepoans!
    setMissionFailureCounter 1 Lose the current mission! (Glitchy if used in demo)
    open_door Open a door, good for locked ones.
    openallremotedoors Opens all the doors.
    quit Quits the game and brings you to your desktop.
    disableHostileAI Re-enables them so they can move.
    reloadstuff Recieve ammo and full flashlight.
    showGUI Shows your HUD!
    spawn_alienattack Spawns tons of aliens!
    enableHostileAI Stops enemies from moving, but they can attack if you get to close.
    loseallkeys Takes away all keys.
    enableAllAI Turns AI back on.
    warpforward Warp a little ahead on the map.
    warpmore Warp ALOT farther on the map.
    setMissionSuccessCounter 1 Win the current mission!
    immortal You can't die.

    Contributed by: GTA Assassin X, Lagoona 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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