Really this game has seen it's days and is ready for the Garbage Can. Get real and get a different game!

User Rating: 1 | Shadowbane PC
More of the same a really poor game with many many errors in it and many problems that they can not fix or refuse to fix. Please don't waste your time playing this game as really messed up people will just grief you and your game playing. Not Worth your time or effort to play it or even consider it. A real work of Junk and piece of crap. If you take any time at all please invest it playing a different game. Really if Wolf Pack Studios really cared about where this game was going, they would have fixed their many many errors and a lot of exploits and other mistakes they have in that game that they never fix or try to fix. I suggest that even downloading this game is a waste of server time on this sites part to let other players find out how messed up this game is. They ( the programmers) Really don't care much about what the player thinks and some guy that thinks he is GOD in the game called Ashen is really taking this game to New LoWS in the Gaming industry. They give away 4 weeks of free game play and think that because 1000000 people download it to play for free it's some kind of great wonderful thing that really isn't anything but a bunch of free loading people who don't like to pay to play is great! They think they got a giant player base when really after 4 weeks of crappy game play they all sign off for good and never come back. How much can I tell you about a messed up game... DON'T
Waste your TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!