Heavy Hardcore PvP griefers need apply - pretty much everyone else avoid like the plague

User Rating: 3.5 | Shadowbane PC
Theres not that many MMo's out there with I totally hate with a vengance, those are the ones which cater to the hardest minority of hardcore PvP'ers only, those few select people who just love to grief at every possible chance and since launch Shadowbane has been one of those games.

Since launch the ubisoft forums was alight with flames, threats and all in-between because of small minded 'thugs' running around griefing and loot whoring from lesser geared/skilled players - sure SB like most other PvP minded MMo's are about survival of the fittest but really doesn't give you much satisfaction to gank newbies and steal there pointless gear, I guess Lineage II follows in SBs footsteps with that one.

Purely PvP based MMo's are just clearly a bad idea, always have been and always will be, I think all the people "DEAD" in real life because of problems in game are proof enough of that.