Ahh, better than acupuncture.

User Rating: 8.5 | Shadow Warrior PC
Maybe it's just that I'm too picky or is the nostalgia speaking but the truth is that this game doesn't have a lot of things in common with the original, it is fast paced yes, but not in the same way than the original and your main weapon here is your katana were in shadow warrior it was really not and you could use it for a few minutes in the first level, like your fists (and in some specific enemies)

Maybe it's not fair to compare it to the original either, the difference in years is huge (16 almost 17 years it's a lot really) and games specially fps have evolved since then but still this game makes a wonderful job trying to stay as true to the original while innovating with some new features.

You can upgrade your character using "KI" and "Karma" points, there is a hole tree skill for each one and will make you for example heal faster, do more damage, slow time or get special moves for your katana, a very deep system here. This is one of the features that is pretty good.
Same with weapons, you can upgrade them too with money that you collect in the game.

There are many weapons but again the best one is the katana even more when you upgrade it, so for me it was kinda unbalanced in this aspect.

The story is not very good but funny and the new Lo Wang says funny things just like in the original although it wasn't as catchy as the original or maybe again it's the nostalgia speaking, And no, the character doesn't say anything "bad" like in the first one, remember "Just like Pearl Harbour." or ""Just like Hiroshima." but the truth is that Shadow warrior wasnt great for that or showing girls taking a bath etc it was good because it was a good shooter and fun and just like the original this is very good in that too and even funny in some parts.

The levels are not very very linear, they are not as open as in the original but they are not just corridors like in most of the new fps, and they have a lot of secrets in them, a lot of mini levels maps from the original (amazing really) and tons of easter eggs from the original game, hard reset, hotline miami etc
You still need to collect keys or keycards but again is more linear than the original.
And yes there are bosses too like in the original.

The graphics are good and the game it's well optimized (at least it was for me) The game is very gory as you can expect cutting the corpses of your enemies in a lot of pieces and exploding them, a lot of blood and guts everywhere.

Your health doesn't auto regen and you need to get health packs from the levels but you can use the abilities of Lo Wang to heal yourself (the skills you get throughout the game will make you heal faster etc) and you don't have a limit for use it but the game is not easy even with this feature of auto healing, enemies do a lot of damage and you heal slow and if you get hit, for example they stop your healing, so it's not easy really but not very hard either just right.

The sounds are good and music is ok, nothing outstanding but good and fits with the game.

Aaaaaaand I almost forgot about this one, you can use quick save, no checkpoint s**** save systems, welcome back F5 and F9, you can save from the menu too and it does have autosave from time to time but you can disable it.

Overall is a fun game to play, don't expect a 100% faithful remake of the original but neither a fiasco like Duke nukem Forever, again it tries to stay faithful with the original while doing new things which is not a really easy thing to do but it manage to achieve that.

And maybe just maybe with a little luck we will get a new Blood game from this guys :D (yes they are talking about it!)