This game is awesome! but it has just a few problems

User Rating: 7.8 | Shadow the Hedgehog (Player's Choice) GC
This game is absolutley awesome, in my opinion.

There are many different paths, and ways you can go. Many weapons to choose from, wide-stages.

This is a game for sonic fans, all the way! this game reveals all about shadows The first time i played this game, on the first level, i was like, WHAT DO I DO???? then as i went on about 3 levels, i caugth on, its very easy controls, you just have to get used to them.
On some of the space levels, the camera CAN get confusing, but you can still see, when its fast-sonic action, or blowing stuff to smitherenes(spelling?) who can see?
I really like the variety of level missions in this game, there are so many paths to take, nothing like Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Yuo can choose To go Dark, or be the hero, which is an awesome thing.
The graphics are really good in this game, in my opinion,especially the cinemas.
I know your probably thinking well if its so good, why did GS give it such a low level? Well, if you ask me, i heard someone say this on the boards, that GS needs to understand, its not a HALO game, so its not going to have the same format, its not going to be, wide-open plained killing maching type deal.
Which i agree, This is a sonic game, but its a new TYPE of sonic game.So its fast, action, but still blasting everywhere, but you have MISSIONS.
So you can say what you want about this game, but i think it deserves a better score than it did.
If your still not sure about this game, just Rent is first, and see what you think.

This game has good stages, many paths to it. Their are many differant ways and ememies powers, and weapons to use in the stages.
I dont care what anyone says, the game controls are easy....

The camera is a bit, weird.. its does have difficult angles sometimes
The Boss-battles against black doom are a little bit to easy...i mean Eggman is harder than black doom.