a very disappointing game, i thought it was good but the plot isnt keen to me long enough shadow cant replace sonic!

User Rating: 6.3 | Shadow the Hedgehog (Player's Choice) GC
my first impression was that it was gonna be great but after i read the information on it, it jus fell apart, the gameplay just doesnt get my attention, it just doesnt have the spark, shoot kill run same old same old, on the other hand the graphics are good and the environment is good.....too bad it lacks sound. in my book its not my type to buy. at least well its an alternative to sonic but sonic was the greatest sega character and no one can challenge or replace him. shadow is cool and all but when it shows two choices to pick good or evil, well he looks the sort that would be evil straight away and the guns that were introduced just doesnt fit the games that were realesed recently like sonic heroes.