Finally!!! A game for the best Sonic add-on. SHADOW!!!

User Rating: 8.9 | Shadow the Hedgehog (Player's Choice) GC
I cant believe that anyone can rate this game anything less than a 8.8. Ok ok, you might have had your let downs with Sonic Heroes. . .but who hasnt. I was extremely "wowed" by the graphic in at least the opening scene. Dont ask me how but i noticed the good detail on the wear on Shadows boots. I even caught that they made sure that when he hovers over certain grounds, the force from his hover boots does infact do something to the grass *opening film after starting story mode* And the sound sure did get me really hype to start playing the actual game. That caught my attention very well. This game puts everything that Sonic can do rolled up with a a** kickin, actually fightin, wall hoppin, tactical object tossin, weaponizin, chaos emerald power-upin DARK version of Sonic. What more could you possibly want. What great hottness will Sonic Team put out next?