Shadow the Hedgehog is basically a Sonic game with or without the guns or the vehicles.

User Rating: 9.1 | Shadow the Hedgehog XBOX
Shadow the Hedgehog as many of you had probably would have thought is probably going to be completely different. Well its not. Its not a bad thing though. If you like Sonic games you'll most likely like this game. All it does is mix up the controls. Even though you will be using the gun control often you might not be using some of the other controls. In the game some of the parts are really complicated. Half of the time in the beginning you might not even know what the heck you’re doing. The really bad thing about the game though is that the game will force you to use the controls in the beginning of the game when you might not now what they are (I highly recommend that you read the instruction booklet first, and even I don’t do that but this time I did). Overall though this game is a Sonic game and most of the controls support that. Any Sonic die-hard fan I highly recommend this to you. If you’re not then rent it, although there are different story lines you’ll finish them pretty fast. Still it is a great game.