Shadow? Dark? WTF!

User Rating: 7 | Shadow the Hedgehog (Player's Choice) GC
This is not the greatest Sonic game of all time, but i do find it enjoyable. Many don't know why and say that this game should have never been made. Well I agree. SEGA could have made Shadow's back story a lot better and darker. He has blood of an alien race, but was really a dead hedgehog brought to life with the blood. And the mere couincedence that Shadow is also a hedgehog along with the main star of SEGA. It makes no sense. But this game is still fun and is cool to try to unlock all the different stories and the fun of killing Sonic. You might not like this game, but it is still playable in every way possible. People say it is broken, but that is just because Shadow has one of the biggest fan bases of any Sonic character. But if your not judge mental about the character, this game is very fun. No matter what you say.