worst sonic game every close to sonic 06 what is it rated 10+ there's shooting and language in it i dont recomend this.

User Rating: 4 | Shadow the Hedgehog PS2
Here's what i think about this game boring and bad 2 words thats all shadow the hegdehog first debute in sonic adventure 2 and would make his only apearence but populer demand wanted him back.So they but him in a crappy game nothing related to sonic like.GUNS! o_o REALLY guns.....sighs theres bad language so this should be for teens but 10+ but the language doesnt make it a awesome game so.....there's 7 paths and last story you have to complete a netural hero or dark mission to go on to the next you have to play the mission over 11 times motroplis i think sorry its been a while..any i dont really like the muitplayer either over all i dont recomend this game over to people like this game so thats my review on shadow the hedgehog bad game and low poplulairity with not much copys sold look at my sonic 06 comment at the bottom 2 not review but comment enjoy your day :D