Why is this game E10+, Why does this game have guns?, Why does it have swearing? Heck why does the story gets Thwacked!

User Rating: 2 | Shadow the Hedgehog GC

What was sonic team THINKING! Sonic games are suppose to be kid friendly, but this game is not. The story takes place of shadow's past somehow unsolved but then there's aliens who look an awful lot like any alien movies. Enter black doom who told shadow to bring 7 chaos emeralds. And look lets just move on to game play. You control shadow to the end goal or help out sonic's friends or black doom's eye to the alt pathway. So the choice is yours, do you wish to be evil, do you wish to remain medium throughout the game or will you team up the good guys to save the day? whelp let me tell you the story is dumb! Because how come there's no jar jar binks? Plus WHY IS THERE A LAST STORY MODE UNLOCKED! Well not only you defeat all the final bosses in one of the pathways which stinks! But you'll have to do it just to unlock THIS!

There's not a lot to talk about this, because all i get is Bad graphics, Lame story, Shadow & other people swearing, Bad game play and less jar jar! Don't let kids play this game it's avoid! Go play a better sonic game instead.

P.s. ps2 port also avoided.