Shadow the Hedgehog has original ideas,but is poorly executed.

User Rating: 6 | Shadow the Hedgehog PS2
Shadow the hedgehog gets his own game,but is mediocre and poorly executed.

The option to take paths is good,and the intro and history are good,but gets odd after a while.

The visuals are good and decent, but the camera is bad and the framerate is awful.

The music is average,the voiceover is bad and the SFX isn't good at all.

Offers fun sometimes,but the controls are awful,and the guns in a sonic game is mixed;sometimes you need the guns and other times not.The camera,glitches and bugs makes even more hard to play,making the gameplay poorly executed,and the missions of Good and Dark are mediocre;sometimes you have a time limit and sometimes you are going to fail in that mission.

Lasting Appeal:5.5
The only thing that adds replay value is to complete all the endings,but is so boring to do this that you will be dissapointed due to the fact that are the endings are nearly identical;this makes less enjoyable the game.