the most realistic and epic game i have ever played,so if you dont like it you suck ass.

User Rating: 9 | Shadow of the Colossus PS2
This game is so realistic.when i was riding argo my horse,he actually stopped by a lake and started drinking water.When you fight a collosus you feel as if you are truely fighting a giant .The fact that you can play the game in an epic movie scale is amazing,this game kicks ass.Any way this game is awesome.foreomceoic dcoimcemcjdnfvc jcdeoncoencoencie ceoicmoie cedncure cernce cec ceoieoirnxn wixewoineoc coiewkerjfi inni kmb vrv4w ececre rcrgctr u uiiubu cfsefcerc tuyjyjub ubyryyb suck my balls dspcpokemce ecneceijrc ceiceojceoicoie cmecimeroicme ceijceirnec ceoinceoincoie ciecneocn cnecneocoic cneoncencoierncoinec cecneocnoiencn cneroicnecn cneorncieonc coxwceor mer me ceee ce **** you wsmoicemcoefcon cefmcoimccdem cdoicecoiervygeoiurv vutmrugrm vieruoewcoiuv vewvyiuvrvn tyeucebv c cwuvoiewuveruvo oweummcew qytxqcxwu ceiyceomcoucoreic rcueocueocuew eqceoicoqwc ew rcommcewuc mccno c.