Simply put, as close to art in gaming as you can get, a must play for anyone with a PS2. Amazing!

User Rating: 9.4 | Shadow of the Colossus PS2
I am gonna start off saying that after seeing this game at E3 got me amazingly excited. I was a tad worried if the game play would get boring after awhile doing what would have seemed the same thing 16 times and that it. Yet when I finally got ahold of the demo I was floored.

Popping in the the game for the first time and seeing the opening cinimatic was beyond explination. In a world were games are being critizied as things that make our children stupid this is as far away from that steriotype as possible. The visuals are buitiful and they suck you right in and make you think your playing a painting.

Gameplay: In few words, simple, and yet deep at its core. What may seem like a strange formula... Ride horse, find giant, slay giant, rince and repeat, it works to an astounding effect. With a few minor complaints, the camara. It can be a pain in the ass somtimes but not often enouph to turn you off the game. The action is fast and exciting and slaying each giant is a rush.

Graphics: So much to say in this department. While playing, my 21 year old sister who is never interested in any game sat and watched me play. When i asked her why she said, "Its so pretty." She also was cheering me on when i was fighting a colossus. The graphcs are flooring and sereal and will really show your what the PS2 is capable of. Minus some pop in occasionaly its flawless in this departmnet. With great lighting, water effects, and floral effects its somthing to see for yourself.

Sound: Every russle of the grass and wave of the water and moan of a colossus is beautiful. Plain and simple

Value: At $10 less then your average game is going now there is no reason not to go out and get it now. Go on, leave, go get it. Stop being a cheap bastage.

Conclusion: A work of art, must be played by anybody. Every part of this game is enthralling but i must admit, a couple of times I felt very bad about killing a colossus, something so pretty being destroyed in a horrible moan. Its sad and I won't spoil anything but is it really the right thing to do? If you have a PS2 get it. Bottom Line.