Shadow Hearts: Covenant Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Easier 10000 hit combos

    When using the Eternal, Third, Fifth, or Seventh Keys, change the user's Ring Type to the Gamble Ring. Now when you go to attack, you can get all the hits possible from the Key, but you'll only have to land on the Hit/Strike area once.

    Contributed by: Asura62 

  2. New Game+ Mode

    Upon completing the game you will be given a choice to save. Doing so and loading this data will result in starting a New Game+, a new game with all of your previously unlocked: Monsters in library, photos in Anastasia's album, Crests gathered, fusions, costumes for Cornelia and stud cards.

    Contributed by: red soul 

  3. Alternate Costumes

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Once Kurando has the Jutendouji fusion, speak to his mother. Anastasia's alternate costume
    Get it from Roger after beating Neam Ruins the second time. Karin's alternate costume
    After beating Lucia's optional sidequest, talk to Thomas. Lucia's alternate costume

    Contributed by: WesternShotgun 

  4. Unlockables

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Start the game with a saved game file from Shadow Hearts, and you will then receive two extra cards. Bonus Cards
    Beat the game once. Theater Option

    Contributed by: Cataclysm 255, Tinek Arukena 

  5. Choosing the Ending.

    Near the end of the game, when you're in the Graveyard, the girl will ask you what you think true happiness is. Choosing each answer will result in a different ending when you continue and complete the game.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Choose Second Option Recieve "Bad" Ending
    Choose First Option Recieve "Good" Ending

    Contributed by: red soul 

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