If it's a game like super metroid you want, then you have it in Shadow Complex.

User Rating: 8.5 | Shadow Complex X360
Shadow complex is a fun side scrolling shooter very similar to Super Metroid and borrows the formula of all Metroid games.

You start out with the most simple of equipment and weapons. A pistol and climbing gear. Then you slowly start to add new toys to your arsenal such as upgraded guns, better equipment, and power ups that improve your special weapons such as missiles. With these toys you make your way through a single giant base, yes the whole game takes place in the place. It is fairly large, but isn't huge. It is a joy to make your way around and it isn't big enough to make back tracking a pain. The level design is great and each room is a joy to take on.

In terms of game play the combat is simple, side scrolling shooting action. The twist it adds is even though is is a 2D shooting game, it has 3D shooting aspects as the enemies appear in the back ground some times. The problem is the aiming gets a little funky at time as you do not always aim at the person you want to. There is no regenerating health, but instead you pick up health packs. The boss fights are fun, but can usually be won by just spamming grenades.

The story of the game is not very important, basically you are a character named Jason and you are trying to save your kidnapped girlfriend Claire. As a result you end up in some crazy conspiracy and Jason is left with a choice.

Graphics: 8
Game Play: 9
Main Story: 5
Side Stories: None
Characters: 5
Main Character: 5
Replay Value: 5.5
Freshness: 8.5
Exploration: 9.5
Voice Acting: 5
Emotion: 5
Weapons: 7.5
Powers: None
Freedom: 8
Level Design: 9
Music: 7
Boss Fights: 7.5
Overall: 8.5