As a modern Super Metroid-type game that doesn't disappoint, this is the best orignial Live Arcade game ever released.

User Rating: 9.5 | Shadow Complex X360
If you're interested in this game, chances are you're a fan of Super Metroid or Symphony of the Night. If you are, and haven't bought this game yet....what are you waiting for?

Quite frankly at 15$ this game is a steal. It is in no way a watered down version of the above mentioned games, it's huge, it's got amazing graphics, it's stylish and very addictive. More importantly, the map is very well designed and the attention to detail is great. Character animation is superb, which is a great plus in these kind of games since you are running around a lot, and you always look great no matter what you're doing - suffice it to say my jaw dropped on several occasions. The boss fights are great, although they could have been a bit more varied. The weapons are great fun to use, and the items are cleverly placed throughout the map, some easy to find, while others require a bit of problem solving skills to get to.

I was really anticipating this game, and overall I wasn't disappointed in the least. I really can't recommend this game enough.