Lets see what shadow complex has in this action pack adventure

User Rating: 8 | Shadow Complex X360
STORY-The prologue of Shadow Complex features a soldier in a power suit, attempting, but failing, to save the Vice President of the United States on the streets of Washington, D.C. The main story follows Jason Fleming, initially armed with only a flashlight. Jason and his girlfriend Claire are exploring caves when she gets captured by soldiers of a secret organization called the Restoration (based on the group Progressive Restoration from the Empire novel). This unveils a plot to start a new civil war and Jason must stop it in addition to rescuing Claire..

GRAPHICS-The game looks amazing for an arcade game

Pros+A good blend with 2d and 3d graphics. You can find different upgradable weapons and gadgets.Enemies and environment designs looks great.Has a decent story,Exploring the compound can be fun

Cons-Backtracking sometimes gets annoying,the game is very short even if you explore,The boss fights was easy and really didn't feel like boss battles

OVERALL-If your a fan of side scroller action games then definitely buy this game.But if your not then I recommended trying the demo before buying.